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Kaiser Baas - Game Recorder HD Review

Kaiser Baas – Game Recorder HD Review

Record your console gaming in stunning HD straight to an external hard disk, no computer required!

So, what makes the Game Recorder HD special? Well, you can do almost everything, except editing, without a connected computer. Just connect up an external hard disk to the unit, hell, even a USB memory stick will do!

Kaiser Baashave really done a fantastic job, at only 150 grams it really packs a…

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Ever wanted an infestation of Nanosound(s) on your computer, generally getting in the way and occasionally throwing your internet browser window away when you’re trying to check your emails? Well now you can!! :O

I’ve not had shemeji’s on my computer in a very very long time, but I fancied a go at something entirely different. This is a very mischievous buddy, I may have tweaked the config files a little bit to make them cause some minor mayhem.

Download LinkHere (This is a zip file and will need extracting using winzip or 7-zip or whatever the hell you use)

If you want the full Flux Buddies experience, Siins made a fabulous Lalna Shemiji a while back which you can find here. Just unzip both downloads and copy the folder with all the Lalna images in it into the folder called “img”

To get shemijis running on a 64-bit system, you will need to download an older version of Java which you can find here, then instead of running the .exe file run the executable Java file instead. 

Terra Tech - Early Access Review

Terra Tech – Early Access Review

Take the enemy apart and go cannibal on them!

What’s more fun than the idea of taking an enemy apart and using what’s left to defeat their friends? A game that allows you to do just that without a significant prison sentence!

Terra Tech by Payload Studios is just that! Make a vehicle, defeat enemy vehicles, salvage parts from the wreckage (oh, you though I meant taking people apart didn’t you?…

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Plantronics RIG - Tech Review

Plantronics RIG – Tech Review

All singing, all… Well, it’s an awesome headset, you can even take it dancing!

The Plantonics RIGis a headset with all the features you would expect and more! Not only do we have excellent audio quality, a robust yet comfortable design and a good length of cable, but also the ability to switch between connected devices, specifically, a mobile phone or tablet, so you don’t need to stop gaming to…

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Hearthstone - The Curse Of Naxxramas

Hearthstone – The Curse Of Naxxramas

Death knights and spiders and ghouls, oh my!

So, as many of you may know, I do love a good game of Hearthstone. What you may also know is that just the other day Blizzard released the single player, Curse of Naxxramas, update.

What can you expect from this update? Firstly, it’s coming in stages, the arachnid quarter is here now and subsequent quarters will be unlocked over the coming weeks.…

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