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Dave Chaos/Gordon Freeman Mash-up!

So I decided to draw Dave based off his black Mesa series, since it’s been throwing so much nostalgia at me from my days playing Half life 1. Quite happy how this one turned out (Something that rarely happens), I actually thought drawing the HEV suit would be more of a pain than it actually was.

Anyway, as usual, hope you guys like it! :D

Awesome thanks :)


Higher resolution: [x]

About this piece
This big drawing is a mash-up between Lord of the Rings and the Yogscast. I’ve wanted to make something big for a long time, so I combined two things I love and secretly added some easter eggs. This was a massive project. The original file has the size and resolution of an A3 poster. (I’ve reduced the size so it would load properly and actually be viewable for you guys.) It took me about a month to do my research and draw the thing, but I loved every moment of it and I’m very happy with the result. :D

Character list
Trottimus: Gollum
Sjin: Merry
Sips: Pippin
Nilesy: Frodo
Zylus: Sam
Lewis: Elrond
Strippin: Aragorn
Turpster: Boromir
Kim: Arwen
Hannah: Galadriel
Duncan: Gandalf
Simon: Gimli
Martyn: Legolas
DaveChaos: Erkenbrand
Zoeya: Éowyn
Rythian: Éomer
Djh3max: Mablung
Sparkles: Faramir
Parv: Damrod
Panda: an oliphaunt
Ridgedog: Thranduil
Alsmiffy: King of the dead

I chose the characters based on personality, looks and/or skills. It was incredibly difficult to make this selection. In case you’re a member of the Yogscast who’s not included or a fan of someone who’s not in the drawing, please don’t feel offended. I tried to include as many people as possible and it was never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Nice work! :D

Goat Simulator - Review

Goat Simulator – Review

Random goat related destruction simulator could possibly be a better description!

I feel I should start by saying that Goat Simulator is the most badly made, buggy, poorly optimized, hilariously addictive game I have played in a long time! In fact, if you check out they even have a disclaimer, quoted below:

Goat Simulator is a small, broken and stupid game. It was…

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Inateck HB5001 4-Port USB 3.0 + 1-Port Charging Hub

Inateck HB5001 4-Port USB 3.0 + 1-Port Charging Hub

amazonuk-amazon us-amazon 4-Port USB 3.0 + 1-Port Charging Hub

This hub is equipped with both a 5V 4A power supply and built-in surge protection, 4 Port USB 3.0 + 1 fast charging port (5V 2A) for SamSung tablets, iPad and smart phones etc. The USB 3.0 ports can not be used for charging for ipad.


● In order to achieve fast charging, the two red ports of the device uses a special charging protocol, so it can…

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Space Engineers - Early access!

Space Engineers – Early access!

Climb into your space suit, strap on your jetpack, create something crazy and then crash it!

No, really, the damage modelling in Space Engineers is incredibly awesome! Though I suggest saving the crashing for creative mode, building a new ship in survival is expensive and time-consuming. Mining, refining, processing parts, using the parts to construct the individual implements and plating, you’re…

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For all those wondering what your special Yogscast Rezzed ticket will get you, here’s just the beginning! Aside from access to the Q&A and signing sessions, you also get a goodie bag, t shirt, poster, and postcard. Check out the sneak preview below! A few tickets are still available here

Few quick answers to commonly asked questions:

  • t-shirts are printed with the signatures on
  • postcards (which you will receive on the day) are for signing should you want them signed.
  • Please be aware that not everything will be signed. There will be as many as 400 people per day, and stuff like t-shirts take too long to sign and usually come out awfully anyway, so please bear that in mind if you’re bringing anything else!

If you have any questions, ask box is open as always!

Oh shit son, I want one!

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